I had originally hired a different graphic designer to create my logo and brand board but ended up running into a bit of trouble at the end.  There were some errors on my business card,  a wrong phone number and my company name was spelled incorrectly.  Unfortunately, when I tried to contact the original designer, I didn't get a response and was left with business cards I would be unable to use and an error I was unable to fix as I don't have the programs a graphic designer would have.  


Giovanna heard of my issues and offered to correct the errors for me.  She gave me a turnaround time of 24 hours but had everything fixed in a matter of hours.  She also created an alternate front for my business card - that I am now using as I prefer it to the one the original graphic artist gave me.  Giovanna is professional, very attentive, super helpful and speedy.  I wouldn't hesitate to use her again, and in fact, will likely have her create some marketing materials for me in the near future. I certainly won't hesitate to refer her to any of my colleagues or clients who need graphic work done


Melanie Rogers

MLR Virtual Solutions